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Aperture Active Members help out and assist committees, clubs and the board in many different ways, sometimes there is pizza.

(Currently closed for sign up)



In the Academic Committee, you get to broaden you horizon and organize educational events. (Currently no sign-ups)

The Charity Committee is dedicated to support good causes and make aware of injustices.

Anything random from Shrek Marathons to Smash Nights is planned by the Events Committee. (Currently no signups)

The Music Committee will *rock* your world (yeah i hate myself for that one too)

You want to go out with your fellow MSPeople? See what the Party Committee is up to!


Do you like Bob Ross? Well, he likes you, too, join the Art Club

If you can read, joining the Book Club may be right for you! (Book Club is currently on hold)

Do you like Dungeons or maybe also Dragons? Guess what club you should join.

But soft what light through yonder window breaks? // Its the Poetry Club!

So you think you can Dance (club)?

Want to engage yourself against systemic racism in STEM? Join DecoloniseMSP! (More information will follow)

If you like ice cream, you can go looking for a scoop at the Aperture Chronicle!