MSP Fanshop (out now, go buy things)

The Hoodie

The Pickup

Sold out!

Hoodie Sale 2020 is over... for now. Soon we will inform you via email on how to pick up your hoodie in period two.

Cups in blue and orange are still for sale at full price (3.50) or in a pair for 3€ each.

Shoot us a message to let us know if you, too want to be proud owner of an MSP cup!


The T-Shirt

The all-new all-MSP all-Shirt is designed by our very own Art Club and features the iconic MSP Logo in front. It is available is 55 different colours and obviously we have a Cup Combo (+2.50€) for you too!

This will allow you to rep your Alma Mater even in the singular summer month of the Netherlands.

Support local non-business and get yours TODAY!